The Importance of Bloggers and Influencers Collaboration to Fashion Brands

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3 min readJul 1, 2019

In case you didn’t know… collaborating with bloggers or influencers is a must if you want your brand to have a bigger and unique audience.

Note: Not all bloggers are Influencers.

Collaborating with bloggers is an effective means of gaining more genuine buyers. Fashion entrepreneurs are expected to make use of the various bloggers in the niche to help boost sales and brand awareness. This is because bloggers are such a great resource for boosting awareness and their followers trust their opinions.

According to “Followers trust their (bloggers’) opinion as it is seen not to be biased, except of course in the event of paid sponsored blogs.” Many brands believe that bloggers have an “authenticity to their viewpoint which can help give new customers to your brand the confidence to connect with you.”

Another benefit of working with bloggers and influencers is gaining exposure. There are various reasons brands love working with bloggers. For some companies, it’s being able to interact with the blogger’s followers and grow your audience. For other brands, it’s the fact that bloggers know their audience so well and know what will work for them.

How to reach out to Bloggers/Influencers

· Choose the right bloggers/influencers.

When an influencer or blogger is not the right match for your brand, you’re simply wasting your time and theirs. It’s important to do some research on potential bloggers before you approach them. Look at the types of brands they’ve worked with in the past, who their followers are and most importantly, whether their values and personality are aligned with your brand.

· Check their website.

Before you contact a potential blogger, navigate to their website to check whether they’ve already posted information on their collaboration policies. Knowing how they prefer to approach Instagram campaigns will allow you to check that your brand is the right fit and that you meet their collaboration criteria before you contact them.

· Be professional always.

If you’re sending a direct message from Instagram, always send it from your business account. And if you will be emailing an influencer or blogger, make sure that you’re using a professional address if you want to increase your chances of securing them.

· Choose the right time to reach out.

Tips for emailing potential bloggers/influencers

Not every blogger or influencer check their Instagram DMs so sending an email is preferable. If you would prefer to email potential influencers or bloggers, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Each email that you send out should be unique and include details that are specific to each influencer. What is your unique value proposition and why do you think they would be a good fit for your brand?

Remember, you need to have something great to offer them if you want to grab their attention. While a monetary offer usually works quite well, it does leave you with less leverage. Rather, start out by offering them free samples of your product so that you can take your conversation further from there.

Your email template is also important and adding dynamic fields will help create a more personalized experience. Most email marketing platforms have a wide range of tags that you can add to your emails, including Company Name, Instagram Name, Job Title, Business Name, Product Descriptions and Business Taglines.

It’s also important to add a question or call to action at the end of the email so that an influencer knows exactly what to do next in order to get in touch with you and take the conversation further.

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