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3 min readJun 16, 2020

As a creative business owner or any business owner for that matter, the goal is always growth. However it is written or coined, the ultimate goal of every business owner is growth, we all want to get bigger than we already are.

However, growth is a process, often stressful; and in a startup environment, this process can be very chaotic.

Whatever the level of growth you currently have or seek, these six tips will help you stay in control of your consistent journey towards building a great creative brand.

  1. Assess, adjust and adapt on the Go.
    Do not assume you have it figured out yet, you don’t. Even if you seem to have it all figured out right now, that status-quo can change without any warning, so it is important you form a habit of checking for results and making changes when necessary. Make decisions swiftly then act: Plan, create, execute, measure and assess then keep moving as fast as you can quickly identify what is working and what is not.
  2. Plan, plan and plan.
    There will always be a lot going on. In fact, in a creative environment, things may not usually go to plan, but having a plan helps you stay in control, no matter how crazy things get, along the way. Always remember that you are ALWAYS better of with a plan.
  3. Nurture your team
    No matter how skilled your tailors are for instance, as a fashion designers it is important to always stay in touch with your team as each person does her bit, enforce accountability, be sure things are done to specification, These constant contacts ensure that your vision and personal qualities on the job begin to rub-off on your team; they begin to see like you, think like you and ultimately, the gap in perspective between you and your employees begin to close out, and the quality of output that each team member produces on his tasks begins to improve, in the direction of your goals.
  4. Shut Down Distractions
    As creatives, we are prone to distractions, like I said in the second point, there will always be a LOT going on in your space; on your devices, in your office or in your shared space. It is left for you to master the art of concentration and focus. You must be comfortable ignoring things that do not contribute to your objectives, however appealing they may seem; distractions are usually very appealing.
  5. Prioritize
    Tasks do not wait for each other, they come into play at their own time, without respect or regard for what you are currently dealing with. There is only one way to survive the storm, prioritize ALL activities with respect to their corresponding value.
  6. Understand your goals, remind yourself of what is important as often as possible. YOU CANNOT exist as a creative person without well articulated goals. In fact, they must be written down in a place where you can constantly see them, or else, you will be at the risk of deploying energy in directions that are not strategic, and not notice your error until you get to the points where those goals should have been achieved, realizing you have nothing to show.



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