Reasons a Co-working Space Makes Sense for Startups.

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3 min readFeb 6, 2020

A co-sewing space can also be referred to as a “social couture” and the idea is to have space where anyone can learn and hone their sewing skills, while also having the ability to use/rent a sewing machine or overlock for hours at a time.

360 Creative innovation hub is an awesome platform for emerging creative designers to become successful entrepreneurs through training, mentorship, collaboration and industry resources.

Most women-owned businesses are sole proprietorships, which can feel isolating, especially during the first year of business. And for all entrepreneurs, the journey can be so lonely and challenging that 30 per cent of founders experience depression. It’s important to prioritize the interpersonal needs of yourself and of your team, even if your “team” is just you and a partner.

So, consider coworking/co-sewing space. From the moment you walk in the door of one of our facilities, the ample human interaction that will greet you will remind you: You’re part of something greater. You’ll enjoy the sociality of an open office.

  • You have something to learn from your unlikely neighbour.

Casual or formal, mentorship is the heartbeat of coworking concepts. And startups that receive mentoring enjoy double the survival rate of non-mentored businesses. 360 Creative Hub is a relaxed atmosphere that can do that: It makes asking someone to review your design or comment on your sewing, far less intimidating.

In no other environment can an entrepreneur get access to the best legal advice or an extra creative eye simply by walking across the hallway.

  • Coworking spaces are greenhouses for growth.

The goal of the most forward-thinking coworking spaces is for you to grow so big they can no longer house your office. Evaluate coworking spaces by their most successful companies. Did they graduate out of the space? How long did it take? Were they supported in their growth? Do these companies have meaningful relationships with younger startups?

360 creative collaborates with brands and companies via seminars, webinars, training and fashion week local and international to the benefit of fashion entrepreneurs.

The design of coworking spaces is to propel growth. The best spaces do this by minimizing the effort needed for their resident entrepreneurs to excel. In a coworking space, for example, it’s easy to join in on topic-specific discussions, change up your work surrounding, take important calls in sound-blocking rooms.

As the fastest-growing segment of the economy, women-owned businesses should continue to build their brands in places with this sort of design, energy and track record.

  • Sometimes you need a physical location to get stuff done.

While working from home may seem to be the ultimate dream for some, meshing work and personal life will take your company only so far. With a coworking/co-sewing space, you still maintain all of the control and flexibility of owning your own schedule, but you also get the built-in structure of an office you don’t have to service the sewing machine, bother about electricity or data. 360 creative hub provides all that is necessary for you to have a good and conducive workspace/ sewing space.



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