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2 min readJul 20, 2020

After several months of planning and hard work, we are glad to introduce to you a project we believe will completely change the face of Fashion Retail for creative designers in Africa, Idozi Collective; a concept store that will hold the most-exclusive collection of Premium African brands in Clothing, Jewelry and Leather works, exporting Africa’s story of originality, one piece at a time.

If you produce Fashion items in Africa, here is your opportunity to share the rack with Africa’s Most-valuable Fashion Brands and sell your craft to the world for the right price!

The available slots are limited, and the standards are high. The good news is, you now have an opportunity to take your place among the limited slots available to designers in your sector. Your products will be enlisted among Africa’s Leading Premium brands, exporting Africa’s story of originality, through sustainable fashion.

Selling on Idozi, you also get,
1. Stock Data Analysis and Market Intelligence Reports
2. Monthly Photography sessions for your Idozi stock.
3. Enjoy creative brand storytelling across all Idozi social media platforms.
…and lots more!

To be a part of this project, kindly indicate your interest by sending an email with the subject ‘EXPRESSION OF INTEREST — IDOZI’, with your Name, Short Brand Bio, Business Instagram Handle/Website to faith@360creativehub.com

For further information and enquiry call or chat us on +2348096194781



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