Lost the Drive to Go on? Here are 7 Ways to Reignite Your Passion for Your Fashion Business

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4 min readAug 23, 2021

When you first started your fashion business, you likely may have been incredibly passionate about everything you were doing. You had a mind filled with designs, ideas, and plans. Passion fuels dreams and ambitions. If you do not have passion for a cause, it is highly unlikely that you will put your very best into it. As a fashion entrepreneur who is saddled with the responsibility of making people feel beautiful and solving various fashion-related problems, you need passion to drive you and push you on.

Unfortunately, over time, that passion may wane. You may find yourself bogged down by the daily responsibilities associated with keeping your business running, or you might find yourself bored and disinterested in even the parts of your business that once brought you joy.

Here are some ways to reignite your passion for your fashion business as a fashion entrepreneur.

1. Identify What is Weighing You Down and How You Can Mitigate it

Take a look at the things that are weighing you down and find ways to address them and make them better. Whatever it might be, it is only when you can identify it that you can tackle it head-on.

In many cases, you can outsource some of those tasks to free yourself. Look at the real cost of completing those tasks yourself. Keep in mind that your time is valuable, too. Then, determine whether you can hand those tasks over to someone else to increase your business’s efficiency and help you focus more on the tasks that only you can do

2. Focus on Why You Started and the Thing You Love About You Fashion Business

Many times, it is easier to focus on the struggles and challenges that come with being a fashion entrepreneur than why you started in the first place. The ‘why’ is the trigger for passionate action.

Go back to the things you love most about your business. Think about what brought you into the fashion industry in the first place. Do you have a passion for style? Are you excited about creating new designs or about producing something unique? Do you love seeing models in the designs you have created or finding the perfect outfit for someone who didn’t think that there was a “perfect” solution for them? Remember and visualize the big picture, that goal you wanted to achieve at the start of business, and keep your mind stayed on it.

3. Connect with a Mentor.

A mentor is a valuable asset any fashion entrepreneur can have. When your passion level is low and you are discouraged, a mentor can help you find your way back. Having someone that you know is on your side can make it much easier to keep that passion alive.

A good mentor can also help build you back up when you’re feeling down about your work and help you find your passion again, whether that means showing you the progress you are making or helping build you up when you need it most

6. Surround Yourself with Positive People.

The more negativity you experience related to your job, the more negative you will feel. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult for entrepreneurs, especially in the fashion industry, to get away from that negative commentary. Look for people who will build you up and who share your excitement about your fashion endeavor. Often, you will find that simply spending more time around positive people will change your perspective and help reignite your passion.

7. Take a Break.

Entrepreneurs in general struggle with a high level of burnout. You may feel as though you have to be on all the time in order to accomplish your goals for your fashion business. Or you might catch yourself believing that if you do not keep pushing forward, even in the middle of intense periods of burnout, you will cause your business to fail.

Take a break. Schedule that vacation you have been putting off. Spend a few days catching up on the tasks that have piled up at home, especially if those tasks have started to become overwhelming. Take some time to focus on some of your other hobbies and passions.

When you do this, you will find that your head is clearer and you can do things more efficiently and much happier. You might also just find that all you needed was a break to bring your passion back



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