Fashion Concept Stores and how they can Help Local Designers Grow

As a designer producing in Africa, you can easily double your sales without stress by stocking your products at the right concept store because a concept store helps you connect your products to buyers, far and beyond what would have been able to reach on your own, they take the stress off you by positioning your brand and its products strategically for the right audience to see and believe in your brand.

One of such Concept stores dedicated to homegrown African Designers is Idozi collective; operating through a multi-channel e-commerce platform and a physical store located in the highbrow neighbourhood of Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos. The concept store is set to help creative fashion designers in Africa sell their products to a global market for the right price, and also position them to meet the increasing global demand for sustainable fashion.

Working with a concept store of this kind, you can increase your sales in ways you never could have imagined. In fact, selling on Idozi, you get more than mere sales, you also get Stock Data Analysis and market intelligence reports to tell you in detail how the market is responding to your products and hints on what you can change to improve sales. Brands on Idozi also get monthly product photoshoots as well as creative brand storytelling on various media channels across the world.

There is currently an opportunity to stock at Idozi Collective, however, the available slots are limited and the standards are high, but if you have what it takes, register your brand by filling the form in the link


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