Customer Interviews

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2 min readAug 14, 2019

Did you know that to make better decisions about your products or services, all you need to do is to go straight to the source and interview your customers.

Customer interviews focuses on the human angle and it is a very important aspect of running a fashion business. It includes understanding the thinking of your target audience. That is, their demands, expectations and aspirations. It also helps to validate what customers really want.

Why do we conduct customer interviews?

It increases customer success.

It is the human dimension to gathering impersonal data (surveys).

When should we conduct customer interviews?

Frequently! Because customers preferences change. It should also be done at an early stage.

Planning a customer interview

Focus on the problem.

Define customer archetypes.

Develop an agile mindset.

Be prepared to listen and learn.

Tips for an effective interview

Articulate the primary goals and specifications you want answered.

Establish logistics ahead of time by looking at the convenience of participants, dates, time, refreshments, souvenirs, etc.

If you cannot do a physical interview, make it digital.

Structure the interview.

Keep the conversation open for follow up by asking them questions and leaving room for questions.

Debrief the internal team by giving feedback to your team members on the themes identified.

Use open ended questions too.

Have SMART goals.



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