Characteristics of a Good Location for Your Fashion Business

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4 min readFeb 27, 2020

Before you start shopping for a space for your fashion brand, you need to have a clear picture of what you will be needing for effective operations and how much you’re able to pay. Developing that picture can be a time-consuming process that’s both exciting and tedious, but it’s essential that you have this figured out before you even begin your start, because if what you need is not well-defined, a whole lot of things may appear like it.

While many startup mistakes can be corrected later on, a poor choice of location will have a huge negative effect and is sometimes difficult to repair.

Here are 8 things you should consider before deciding that a proposed location is good for your business.

1. Impact on Brand Image and Perception
A good business location must improve your brand image not diminish it. Associating your brand with the location should be a boost for your image. Hence you must not overlook the details in terms of ambiance and beauty, to ensure that a customer or partner’s perception of you will only improve when they visit your place of work.

2. Proximity to Sourcing Markets
You must know the major sourcing markets in your city; places where professional designers go, to source for raw materials, fabrics, tools, and other work accessories. Then decide which of these focal points do you want to be close to. Do not choose a location that is completely isolated from all the major sourcing markets that fashion designers use. The expenses of traveling far to get the little things you need for work is unnecessary, and it is a sure way to increase your overhead, thereby reducing your profit.

3. Safety and Security
Due to the life and property associated with your business;’ customers, staff, partners, equipment, cars, etc., it is important for you to properly weigh the safety of your prospective location to avoid incidents that could hurt your business.

You would also need to find out the security history of that place where you want to open your store. Some areas are very notorious for break-ins and thefts and you really don’t want to wake up someday to see that all your wares have been carted away.

4. Conducive for Equipment
You must be sure that the caliber of equipment your work requires can be easily installed at that location. Is there enough space for your cutting board? are there enough sockets for your industrial sewing machines? Are they properly rated? These are among the many questions you must ask and find positive answers before settling for any location.

5. Power Supply
The situation of electricity supply to that community or building is also very critical. If they haven’t had power for the past 1 year, you should know, and ask yourself if you are willing to run exclusively on generators. You cannot afford to go in blind. Is there a standby generator on-site? Do you have to bring yours? Are there rules in the community restricting the use of generators? There are places where generators are not allowed to run all through the night due to the noise they produce; how will you handle overnight work when electricity from the government fails at night and the community tells you your generator cannot be on overnight?

Not considering these questions may greatly hurt your operations when you move and begin to work.

6. Affordability
Do you have a budget for it? If not, is there a smart way to get it? It is not a wise decision to take up business accommodation that you or your business cannot afford or have a plan to afford. Other costs you must put into consideration include utility bills, remodeling costs, maintenance expenses, relative taxes, and community dues.

7. Comfort
Any place that cannot be comfortable cannot be a good location for your fashion business. The amount of creativity that is required for you to reach your full potential cannot be born in a tacky or uncomfortable location. It is very important that first, the location is appropriate, and comfortable before there can be the hope of building great things there.

8. Ease of Access
How accessible is that place where you plan to site your business? Is it far away from town? Is it accessible via public transportation?

A good location for any business must be accessible. The address must be easy to describe and easy to find for customers. Good access roads, adequate coverage by the popular transport systems and popularity of the location are very important factors to consider. This ensures that your business enjoys the right visibility and not descend into obscurity as a result of a poor location because certain locations are definite turn-offs for some customers, you don’t want to be tied down in such a place.

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