The Creative Enterprise Series 2020 is a 5-day Web Conference that will bring Africa and Europe together under one amazing atmosphere of Fashion Impact.

This online conference is an exchange between European Fashion Experts and Fashion Professionals in Africa with the aim to share the know-how of these world-class experts with the Fashion Community in Africa, under a rich and diverse cultural atmosphere.

For 5 Days in November, these Experts will share from their wealth of experience on how fashion success is built, cutting across different core backgrounds including Marketing, Digital, Fashion PR, Fashion Buying, Brand Building, Retail, and eCommerce.

When you first started your fashion business, you likely may have been incredibly passionate about everything you were doing. You had a mind filled with designs, ideas, and plans. Passion fuels dreams and ambitions. If you do not have passion for a cause, it is highly unlikely that you will put your very best into it. As a fashion entrepreneur who is saddled with the responsibility of making people feel beautiful and solving various fashion-related problems, you need passion to drive you and push you on.

Unfortunately, over time, that passion may wane. You may find yourself bogged down by…

The year is still relatively new, and so regardless of what went wrong last year, it is not yet too late to get things into the right order this year, so you can have a truly better experience, and one area in which order is most essential, is the area of cashflow. Your money must be in order.

As with every other business in the world, you may have a limited amount of funding actually coming into your business before, at any given time, this is not totally bad if you are in control of how it is used. …

The year 2020 shocked us with many notable changes to fashion as we know it. Who could have thought that some of the most important fashion shows and big industry events could go fully digital, with everyone around the world in the front row? Cultural and industry norms came crumbling down, with every player, big or small scrambling for a grasp of the new normal.

Despite the uncertainties and shocking forced-changes the world had to endure, fashion lovers still found a way to connect and express their styles. …

Through the years, 360 Creative Hub has consistently supported the growth of Fashion Businesses in Africa by looking for new ways of making their business easy. This drive has led to the creation of various conscious services that have continued to evolve over time.

The tastefully-finished Creative Space in Oniru, Lagos is the latest among these solutions that 360 Creative Hub continues to provide to the creative community in Nigeria.

With easy access from any part of the Islands of Lagos, the new Oniru Hub provides a perfect work environment, built with the African creative entrepreneur in mind; a place…

Idozi is a one-stop shopping experience for hand-crafted, ethically-produced African Fashion products, a place where buyers can connect to genuine creativity and original African stories, in form of fashion.

The omnichannel retail store is set to change the way African Fashion is seen and appreciated globally, providing a robust platform for talented African Designers to sell their craft to a global audience for the right price, online and offline.

If you love fashion, then you should come to witness the launch of this fashion game-changer, holding on Sunday 13th December 2020 at the store, Block 114A, Plot 4, Akiogun Road…

You may be worried that your fashion brand is not getting enough attention from the right people in the industry, or wondering how to attract the right Fashion Buyer to consider your fashion brand. These concerns are normal, and common to many. In fact, concepts like ‘Margin’ and ‘Markup’ may still confuse you.

Well, in this Instagram Live Special with Fashion Buyer and Sales Consultant Bridget Boakye, useful tips were discussed to help you solve these problems amongst other things.

If you are a Fashion Designer or a professional in the fashion retail business, you cannot afford to miss…

The W-Initiative is a N10bn Fund aimed at supporting Lagos-based small scale businesses with access to finance. Now women-owned businesses can access up to N5 Million from this fund, as long as they have been operational in Lagos State for at least 1 year, are fully registered with the CAC, and possess adequate evidence of tax payment in Lagos.

Apart from financing, the initiative also provides advisory support; covering all the things they require to set up and run bankable business ventures

To apply, click the link:

How to create an amazing Fashion Design Portfolio — A DIY Guide

Every aspiring fashion designer will have to make a design portfolio at some point. But with so many pieces and so few guidelines, where do you even begin? It can be hard to get started, in this article, we have itemised simple steps that make it really easy for you to create your own amazing design portfolio.

1. First, whatever you do, you should probably try to keep different parts of one project together as much as possible.

So, for example, if you explored organic structures like feathers…

In a short interview, Creative Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur, Comfort Anumba shares her experience of 360 Creative Hub’s workspaces in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our life’s work is about helping you reduce the stress involved in starting, running, and growing your fashion brand. We do this via our fully equipped Co-sewing and Styling Spaces, our various Access to market opportunities, our Fashion Acceleration Program, and various business support services designed for Fashion Brands.

360 Creative Innovation Hub

Vertically-integrated fashion Accelerator, with a co-working space dedicated to nurturing, expanding and accelerating emerging fashion creatives, towards better

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