7 Trends that will shape Nigerian Ladies Fashion in 2017 — Pictures

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2 min readJan 10, 2017


As we start the New Year, staying ahead of the pack will be a major factor in staying relevant in this very competitive Fashion Industry. As a designer, you should dress your clients to meet trends even before they become an ‘all-and-sundry’ thing.

This sends out a clear message that they indeed have a Fashion Designer and not just a ‘tailor next door’. Your work should lead trends not be a poor replica of a stale trend!

We believe the following trends will become very important this year;

  • Ankara Crop Tops
  • All kinds of Peplum
  • Strapless Tops will gain more acceptance
  • You will sew a lot of Hot Shorts (or Knickers)
  • Lace Styles
  • Jumpsuits are here to stay
  • Skirts will get shorter and flared



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