6 Steps to becoming a better Fashion Designer in 2017

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3 min readJan 10, 2017
6 Steps to becoming a better Fashion Designer in 2017

In the opinion of leading fashion designers, there are 6 things you must do to be a better Fashion Designer in the New Year.

  • Know The Trends

You can choose to go with the trends and create designs that are in tune, you can decide you want to bring back some styles from the past or create something completely out of the box!

This journey as designer will be confusing and you won’t look like you know what you are doing if you don’t know and understand whats in or out and decide where you want to stand. You cant be an island in this business. A good way to do this is to come around a community of Fashion Designers to be in the know of what people of like (and unlike) minds are creating.

Our Cosewing hub serves this purpose; where you can meet and work together with other Fashion Designers. Take a virtual tour at www.360creativehub.com

  • Get Familiar with Computer Aided Design

In 2017, if you don’t know how to use the computer to create and present your designs, you are certain to be limited this year.

Your ability to present yourself as a serious minded professional is very important if you must become big this year.
Computer Aided Design is a good thing to to add to your arsenal this year. There are a number of easy-to-use software you can get and learn; Fashion Cad, Optitex, Fashion Sketcher, Digital Fashion Pro and lots more

  • Don’t put fame first

The desire to be recognized and celebrated for your work is a fair one! We all want that. Besides who doesn’t want to style the biggest musician or actress in town.

But that is not where the work starts! Before ‘Celebrity Fashion Designer’ or whatever prefix you might ant to add to your name….comes the root word ‘Designer’. The journey starts with making actual clothes for actual people! So get busy, and make clothes, mastery of the art will get you noticed with time.

  • Know your Strength and do your Strength

A good path to relevance in the world of Fashion Designing is to identify what you are best at, and do more of that.

Are you better with Bridal clothing? Casuals or Corporate? Bespoke and so on. Take time to find your vibe and stick to it.

  • Know your customer

Fashion as we know it is an art, but the bottom-line remains that you are trying to run a business. And so the Customer becomes a major factor.

Know each Customer’s unique needs and what fashion means to them, understand the basic body types, make up styles and how to plan a wardrobe.

  • Work with the right tools

Your manual sewing machine won’t take you where you want to be this year. You certainly need too get a good grasp of other modern equipment. Find out what professionals are using to achieve superior results; get as close as possible, as often as possible to those equipment.

A Number of facilities and Training schools afford you the opportunity to learn these very modern sewing machines, you can also offer free assistance or take up an internship with a fashion designer around you who has what you need. Alternatively, you can find a fashion center near you that offers space and equipment for fashion designers to use for their work.

A good example is 360 Creative Hub at Surulere, Lagos. Our facility comes fully-equipped with state-of-the-art fashion gadgets you can rent for your use at very affordable rates.



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