6 Easy Steps to Creating a Vision Board That Works

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3 min readJul 9, 2019

Creating a vision board that works is important in the process of setting goals as it helps in prioritizing your goals, values and intentions. It represents your goals and wishes and helps remind you of what you want to do, be and have. It also helps to ensure that you continue to move towards those goals both consciously and unconsciously.

Also, a vision board is a pictorial representation of your year, what you would like to manifest or be inspired to do in the upcoming year.

The great part about a vision board is that it is super easy to make and can be quite artistic and creative.

Types of Vision Boards

There are various types of vision boards depending on the materials used in making them. They can be physical or digital too. They include:


Inspiration wall

Art journal

Pinterest board

Creating a Vision Board That Works

Know your intentions: Decide how you want to feel once the vision board takes effect. Therefore, you want to use simple phrases that perfectly describes your intentions.

Gather your supplies: Do you want a physical or a digital type of vision board? If you want to do it the old way, then you need frames, cardboard, magazines, glue, pins, thumb tacks, scissors, pictures, etc. If you want it digital, you need apps that can make collages of the pictures you want to use or better still, Pin them on Pinterest!

Find yourself a creative space.

Look for images that inspire you. These you can find online [Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Unsplash] or offline in magazines, newspapers.

After arranging your board according to your preference, hang the vision board where you can see it everyday or use it as your device’s wallpaper. This motivates you and reminds you everyday of what you want to achieve.

Make it real by realizing your goals!

Do you find these tips helpful? Do let us know in the comment section the steps you took when creating a vision board that worked for you.



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