360 Creative Hub Opens New Workspace for Designers in Lagos

360 Creative Innovation Hub
2 min readJan 14, 2021

Through the years, 360 Creative Hub has consistently supported the growth of Fashion Businesses in Africa by looking for new ways of making their business easy. This drive has led to the creation of various conscious services that have continued to evolve over time.

The tastefully-finished Creative Space in Oniru, Lagos is the latest among these solutions that 360 Creative Hub continues to provide to the creative community in Nigeria.

With easy access from any part of the Islands of Lagos, the new Oniru Hub provides a perfect work environment, built with the African creative entrepreneur in mind; a place where their needs are understood and catered for, with the right supporting amenities put in place.

Apart from the fact that designers get to enjoy a fully-functional, world-class business location, they also get a number of perks that support strategic aspects of their craft, like Meeting Rooms, Training Rooms, Styling, and Photography Studios as well as market access support, through Idozi Collective.

In a recent interview, Blessing Eber Achu, the MD/CEO of 360 Creative Hub stated that “Creating the hub was just about bringing all the business support partners needed for a specific industry; in this case — fashion, and putting them in one place so that the person can easily access it.”

She went on to emphasize that her vision is to see ‘Made in Africa’ creative brands selling globally in big stores in Paris, United Kingdom, and the USA, and she remains committed to making this vision a reality by creating avenues that support more and more homegrown brands. After 4 years of doing this, the Oniru Hub comes on as 360 Creative Hub’s boldest and biggest move yet.

This is indeed a game-changer and young talented creatives are beginning to take advantage of the opportunity.

Any fashion designer or creative business owner who will like to have a space at the new Oniru Hub should click the link to get started https://bit.ly/PrebookOniru



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