2021 Fashion Trends you should be creating for

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4 min readJan 20, 2021

The year 2020 shocked us with many notable changes to fashion as we know it. Who could have thought that some of the most important fashion shows and big industry events could go fully digital, with everyone around the world in the front row? Cultural and industry norms came crumbling down, with every player, big or small scrambling for a grasp of the new normal.

Despite the uncertainties and shocking forced-changes the world had to endure, fashion lovers still found a way to connect and express their styles. Ultimately, only the methods changed, the art did not, neither did the love for the art change.

1. Second-Skin Tops
“Second-skin” tops are essentially any top that grazes so close to your body, it might as well be a second layer of skin. These “second-skin” tops are close to pure magic. They are relevant across every season, are easy to wear, layer, and style, and come in so many variations and price points meaning there is one for every style type out there. So you can imagine why these will continue to be popular, even in 2021

2. Utility Vests
Utility fashion appears in two significant style variations from utility vests, cargo, utility shorts, utility shirts, and utility jackets, and with the huge growth in popularity of streetwear, the demand for utility vests is certain to continue to rise among the younger millennial audience. The success of the trend is attributed to the creative placement of pockets as it meets the need of many buyers to better carry their mobiles and other essential items with comfort on the street. Depending on your target market segment, this may be a viable direction to expend your creativity this year.

3. The Good Old Mini Skirts
Did I forget to add ‘micro’? Yea, I actually meant Micro Miniskirts.

The micro mini skirt trend we noticed in 2020 was different from the ones we’ve seen in the past. The super-short hemlines, often accompanied by a low-rise waistline, makes some of the tiniest skirts ever known to man, a trend that will get even bolder in 2021. If your buyers are young, hip, and upwardly mobile, this is a space you must prepare to play in.

4. Seasonless Products will be in greater demand
Gucci and Saint Laurent were notable brands that chose to opt-out of the calendar schedules as we know it. More and more brands are embracing this idea and it is because of the customer. For example, buyers are thinking twice before investing in clothes that they may not be able to wear if a lockdown hits for instance, and it goes out of season. Another factor is the increasing uncertainties associated with the weather in various parts of the world.

What fashion is known to be is changing, and it is important to be able to create pieces that fit a variety of needs; regardless of the time of the year.

5. Multi-functional clothing
In 2021, people want more clothes that can conveniently fit into the various parts of their lifestyle; the clothes worn at home should be fit for the meetings holding on zoom for instance. There will be a big demand for garments that appear cool and stylish, and so appealing to be worn as everyday wear. Denim, dry touch, transparent, multicoloured, and breathable fabrics are notable options you should explore.

6. Loungewear
Because the COVID-19 pandemic kept people worldwide home for so long, many have adopted or further invested in loungewear and other comfortable, yet stylish clothes to wear around the house. The culture went from being reactive; as a result of the changes to our social patterns, to being an actual style of choice, and so more and more people will choose loungewear even this year.

7. Iconic pieces
People want more and more value from their money these days, and because the entire world is interconnected more than ever before, the standards of what would come across as ‘value for money’ to the average buyer have continued to increase. You have to invest the time and energy into creating truly iconic pieces that are not defined by short-lived trends, but rather are classics; that a buyer can go back to, year after year. Clothes that can work with multiple looks, and that are of superior quality, yet simple in design.

8. Face Masks? Yes, Face Masks!
Well, for obvious reasons, the biggest accessory trend of 2021 will be the face mask. As the pandemic lingered on through 2020, there was a notable decline in the use of surgical/medical face masks as well as the n95s, because more and more people were becoming comfortable with using the cloth face masks.

This certainly was due to increasing knowledge about the virus, and the resulting reassurance on the effectiveness of cloth face masks in preventing the spread. The trend of stylish cloth face masks will continue to increase this year, and it will be good to have them infused into your collections for the year.

The bottom line remains that customer demand and buying patterns are changing significantly due to the pandemic and the resulting changes it brought to societies and in individual lives, hence it is important to create designs that are in tune with these changes; backed by data, not just our desire to create.

Conduct surveys among your customers to get their opinion on a style or an idea that you have; research and study the trends; listen to online chatter among your target audience, do what it takes to make sure you do not operate completely out of touch with the market and what they need per time.



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